Automatic video minutes and transcription

Obtain greater accessibility for your audio-visual content with our artificial intelligence solutions

Achieve accessibility and increase the use of your audio-visual content

Automatic transcription, subtitling, indexing, and cataloguing of audio-visual content.

Automate tasks that were once performed manually

And do this simply and intuitively using artificial intelligence.

Optimize costs and improve service

Make the recording of your audio-visual content more cost-effective and facilitate its use.

Improve positioning of audio-visual content

Make your audio-visual content accessible and usable for everyone.

Comply with accessibility legislation and regulations

Meet Spanish and international regulations in digital accessibility.

Technology that is applicable to all your audio-visual projects

Video minutes and transcription of minutes, video classes, and training content catalogue, live broadcasting with automatic subtitling, etc.

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What do we offer?

Tech4access provides solutions for the automatic transcription, subtitling, indexing, and cataloguing of audio-visual content to improve content accessibility.

Our solutions are multilingual and work using artificial intelligence which allows us to optimize costs and to automatically perform tasks that were once done manually using methods that are simple and intuitive.

Our solutions will make it possible for you to ensure easy access to your audio-visual content for everyone.

Discover the solution that best suits your needs, free of charge

| We adapt to your needs

We are consultants specialized in audio-visual accessibility and usability who will help you find the solution that best adapts to your organization

video camera recording a person giving a talk, in the foreground we see a laptop showing the interface of a video editing program on the screen.

Our goal is to make your audio-visual content accessible to everyone as simply as possible.

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