Ensure digital accessibiity with an online chatbot

Facilitate access to information and online transactions for your users with our intelligent chat and voice solutions

Comply with accessibility legislation and regulations

Comply with W3C recommendations, as well as Spanish and international digital accessibility regulations.

Facilitate communication between your organization and everyone else

Provide assistance to all users, including people with disabilities, by improving digital accessibility.

Chatbots that are easy to use and rapidly implemented

Ready in just a few weeks. Leave us in charge of all the technical details.

Optimize costs and offer the best services

Automate repetitive tasks and provide better customer service 24/7.

A multi-platform solution, adapted to different channels and devices

Works across devices, digital communication channels and instant messaging applications.

Improve your organization’s social reputation

Achieves digital inclusion and fosters digital access for everyone, complying with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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What do we offer?

Tech4access implements intelligent chat solutions. Our goal? To improve interaction between people and organizations.

In contrast to other solutions, our chatbots have been developed in accordance with accessibility recommendations to ensure that digital content is accessible to everyone. Our chatbots offer the following:

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We are consultants specialized in accessibility and usability, helping you to find the chatbot solution that best adapts to your organization

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Our aim is to facilitate and optimize access to information and online services for users, regardless of their physical condition:

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