The website of the Parliament of Cantabria enjoys the service of automatic transcriptions and subtitling by Etiqmedia

Intervention of a politician in the Parliament of Cantabria

The Parliament of Cantabria can finally enjoy the digital accessibility services provided by Etiqmedia Ágora, a tool that offers a complete system of automated transcriptions, with subsequent human review, as well as subtitling for its sessions, both in real-time recordings and in previously recorded videos.

This action is carried out in a simple and intuitive way, which increases accessibility, interoperability, and the reusability of the institution’s audiovisual resources.

In this way, the Parliament of Cantabria reaffirms its commitment to transparency and accessibility, fundamental principles in all public institutions.

Why has the Parliament of Cantabria chosen Etiqmedia Ágora?

Etiqmedia Ágora is the perfect solution for the Parliament of Cantabria and public institutions that need to make audiovisual content accessible, due to its unique characteristics and functionalities, among which we can find:

  • Automatic Transcription: Automatically transcribes sessions with an impressive success rate of over 95%, eliminating the need for tedious manual transcription tasks and saving valuable time for the Parliament. In addition to facilitating the search and access to information.
  • Transcription Synchronization: Ability to automatically generate accurate subtitles from text transcriptions. This ensures that the subtitles are perfectly synchronized with the audiovisual content, offering a smooth and accessible viewing experience.
  • Automatic Subtitling: Automatically subtitles sessions, both live and recorded, allowing people with hearing disabilities to access the content in an inclusive manner.
  • Multilingual Subtitling: Being able to adapt to various languages, such as Spanish, Catalan, Galician, and Basque, ensures that the Parliament of Cantabria can reach a wider and more diverse audience.
  • Advanced Searches: It has a powerful search system that allows easy location of any specific word or phrase in the recorded videos, enabling access to references and the retrieval of key information.
  • Complete Automation: Allows processes to be carried out automatically, without requiring human intervention from the institution, thus streamlining the workflow and reducing the administrative burden.

Added Value and Transparency Beyond the Laws

As we have pointed out, beyond legal compliance, Etiqmedia Ágora allows the optimization of the Parliament of Cantabria’s resources in every sense.

With the ability to automatically transcribe sessions, subtitle in various languages, and offer a powerful search engine, Etiqmedia Ágora becomes an essential tool to ensure compliance with accessibility regulations by providing access to parliamentary information to all users.

By automating all these processes, processing time is significantly reduced and considerable cost savings are achieved, a key point of great interest for all public institutions.

Instead of dedicating hours of manual work to these tasks, the institution can take advantage of the efficiency and precision of the platform, thus maximizing the productivity of its staff.

This is how the Parliament has found the perfect solution in terms of transparency, accessibility, and resource optimization, allowing it to fulfill its commitment to making content accessible to all people in a simple, immediate, and automated manner.

Additionally, it provides a consumption portal that allows users to search and navigate through its contents in an agile and accessible way, improving user experience by enabling easy access to the information they need.

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